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About US

The goal of Mariemont Youth Football and The Eastern Youth Hills Football League is to provide every player a positive youth football experience. Our goal is to provide to all players the safest, most educational, competitive, and fun environment we can. We will make certain that every player is coached so that he has the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to be a more complete player, and the importance of filling whatever role necessary to help his team be successful.

Our volunteer organizations will work before, during, and after the season in an attempt to ensure that each and every participating player learns the importance of teamwork, the value of self discipline, the merit of sportsmanship, and the respect for the game, his teammates, his opponents, and authority figures such as parents, coaches, and officials.

We hope that each player will finish the season feeling that he improved as a player, a person, and a teammate; that he had fun on the field, and was an important part of his team. Most importantly, that he wants to return to the field for the following season.

~Teams & Schedules~
Teams will be formed by the student athlete's grade, not age. Tackle football teams will be made up of grades 3-6. Teams will either be by individual grade or combined teams of grades 3&4 and 5&6. Organizations will make every attempt to play each other on a "home and home" basis each season. The league schedule will consist of no more than eight games that start after Labor Day and end before November. A team is free to schedule non league games in late August or early November but it is discouraged from having a schedule consisting of more than 10 games. 
~Weight Limits~
There will be no weight limits for players, however, all players handling the football or lined up in the offensive or defensive backfields must conform to the established weight guidelines. 
3rd Grade - 85 lbs
4th Grade - 120 lbs
5th Grade - 130 lbs
6th Grade - 145 lbs
Players above these limits must play on the down line.
It is the responsibility of each coach to make sure these weight limits are adhered to for his own team. We believe in the integrity of each adult involved in the EHYFL.
~Game Rules~ 
The rules adopted by the Ohio High School Athletic Association shall govern play in the football games.
All games, at all grade levels will play four (4) eight (8) minute quarters. The halftime will not exceed ten (10) minutes. 

Coaches on the Field
Coaches may be on the field at the 3rd and 4th grade levels only. It is strongly encouraged that once the teams are lined up and ready for the snap – the coaches stop their communication with the players and “let the players play.”


- There are no kickoffs
- Teams receive the ball on their own 35 yard line to start play in each half, and after scores.


After a safety, the ball will be placed on the receiving team’s own 45 yard line.

3rd and 4th Grades

-There is no punting in grades 3 and 4. A punt may be declared at any time
and from anywhere on the field. Once a punt is declared, the clock stops and the ball is moved 25 yards. 15 seconds will be run off the clock and a change of possession occurs.
- Punts must be declared. The only way to undeclared a punt is using a timeout.
-Once the punt is declared the clock stops. The clock will start after the ball is
-A punt inside the 25 yard line of the opposition is declared a touchback, and the
ball is then turned over and spotted on the 20 yard line.
- Once the on field coach declares a punt to the official, that decision cannot be
changed unless that team calls a timeout.

5th and 6th Grades

-In Grades 5 & 6 the play is live after the ball is kicked by the kicking team and returns are live.
- No release downfield until the ball has been punted.
- No fakes are allowed.
- There will no contact with the center
- No Quick Kicks are allowed.

Teams may attempt a 2 point conversion by kicking the extra points. The kick will involve a center, a holder, and a kicker from the offensive team. No one from the defense will be allowed on the field. The attempt must take less than 4 seconds (i.e. from the snap to the kick). A bad snap or hold that delays the kick longer than 4 seconds will be declared “No Good.”
-Only allowed provided there are Football Goal Posts on the field of play.
-Teams may attempt a 1 point conversion by running an offensive play against the opponent’s defense from the 3 yard line.

Field Goals
-Field Goals will not be attempted.